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Core Transmission Network
Engineering (planning/design).
Core Switching Network
Engineering (planning/design).
Core / Edge IP Network
Engineering (planning/design).
Customer Access Network
Engineering (planning/design).
Mobile (BSS/RF) Engineering.
Mobile Transmission (fixed/wireless).
Microwave Radio (PDH/SDH)
IT Support and Integration.
Mobile Network Deployment.
Pre-sales Support.
Product Development.
Major Bids Support.
Business Case Development.
Project Management.
Project Accounting.
Transformation Projects
(network and product layer).
Commercial Evaluation
Program Management.

Network Planning Engineers.
Program Managers.
Bid Managers.
Network Design Engineers.
Project Managers.
Project Accountants.
Technology Planning Engineers.
Communications Consultants.
Commercial Evaluation Managers.
Product Integration Engineers.
Service Delivery Managers.
Network Architects.
Network Managers.
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